Friday, April 13, 2012

Creating Results in Life

I've been thinking a lot about achieving success and happiness in life. I believe that there are some fundamental processes that shape our reality, and we have the power to use those processes to create happiness, success, and peace. Here is how I believe our reality and the results we get in life are shaped:

In life, we receive endless information input- what we sense with our bodies. These inputs have massive influence on our thoughts and on how we perceive reality. This perception of reality shapes our attitudes, or how we feel about and relate to reality. Our attitudes have a huge influence on our actions, what we do in the world, which ultimately drive the results and shape our reality. This reality then becomes input which perpetuates the cycle.

Using The Cycle for Success and Happiness
We have the power to take advantage of this cycle and use it to achieve goals of happiness, success, and peace. Each of these elements - inputs, thoughts, attitudes, and actions - can be used to our advantage:
  • Inputs - We can choose to place information that is Positive and True into our minds. It should be positive and provide motivation to act in a proactive manner. It should be true or based on what is real it is useful. Tips include:
    • Do: Read motivational, empowering books by authors such as Stephen Covey, Zig Ziglar, and Anthony Robbins. Read sacred literature, scripture. Surround yourself with positive poeple who have similar goals and ambitions in life. Listen to music and spoken words that are positive and uplifting.
    • Don't: Spend time with people who are negative or who complain excessively. Watch mindless television or waste time excessively on the internet.
  • Thoughts - While our thoughts are heavily influenced by Inputs, we can still choose what we think about. We are constantly "talking to ourselves" in our minds. Our minds are always thinking, and we can choose what we think about and how we think about it.  Tips for creating empowering thoughts include:
    • Do: Choose thoughts and beliefs that empower you, that bring success and happiness to you and to others. These include thoughts that are positive, true, and hopeful. 
    • Don't: Dwell on negative things. Acknowledge that they are there, to be sure, but live proactively, focusing your thoughts on the things you can control and on things that will bring positive results.
  •  Attitudes - Although attitudes are heavily influence by our thoughts, we have the capacity to consciously choose a positive, self-sustaining attitude. By controlling attitudes through consistent efforts (and trial and error), we will find that our actions are more proactive and bring greater results.
    • Do: Have a positive attitude about life and about yourself. This means exposing our minds to people and media that infuse a healthy, positive attitude into our minds.
    • Don't: Focus on the negative or on things that you cannot control. Avoid watching too much news or being exposed to people and media that are overtly negative.
  • Disciplined Action- Our actions are the most vital component to success and happiness in life. We must align our actions and habits with the results we want, and we have the power to control our actions and habits.Habits are the vehicle through which success is attained.
    • Do: Focus your actions on those that will bring you positive, lasting results in your life. This usually entails work of some kind.
    • Don't: Waste time or energy on habits that limit personal success, growth and happiness. This can include addictive habits and gross time-wasters such as mindless television or internet.
By taking control of each of these components in our live, we have the power to create the Results we desire - success, happiness, peace, or whatever outcome we desire.

This view certainly isn't absolute, and outside influences (Input from the environment and people we are in and around) on our thoughts, attitudes and actions are massive. But viewing the world according to the process described above focuses our energy on the things that we can control. It enables the individual to take control of personal habits and to begin to move forward toward desired goals.

What do you think? Any insights? Does this seem right? I appreciate all critiques and feedback.

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