Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Boston, Chapstick, and the Power of Creativity

Creativity is, I believe, one of the most powerful forces in our society today. It can be used to do so many things - to make money, to invent new things, and solve problems. The other week I had a great experience with creativity as I was visiting my brother J Clark Gardner and his lovely wife Lindsay, in Boston, MA. Clark and I generally goofed around, played video games, created a music video, and enjoyed the sites in Boston and the surrounding areas. But as we walked around in the bitter New England cold, I began to develop some extremely uncomfortable chapped lips. It was surprising how my lip pain really distracted from having a great time.

But one thing that I didn't realize was that a few weeks earlier, Lindsay had been experimenting with creating her own chapstick, and after a day of freezing my lips off, she simply gave me one of her creations. The cool, moist salve instantly eased my discomfort and eased my pain and made the weekend visit that much more enjoyable.

Just like Lindsay's creativity relieved my own level of pain and discomfort, I believe that our creativity can be used to bring comfort and good to the people around us. Lindsay made that chapstick because she loves to create, and isn't this how we should use our own powers of creativity? To provide good to the people around us? To provide comfort? To relieve pain so that life can be lived more fully?

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