Monday, June 10, 2013

New Article: How Task-centered Learning Differs from Problem-based Learning

What is Task-Centered Learning? What is Problem-based Learning? How are the two approaches similar and how are they different?

To help provide some clarity on the differences between these two influential approaches to instructional design, my colleague Dr. Greg Francom and I recently wrote and published an article in EdTech Magazine. Our purpose is to helps instructional designers and teachers see the merits and strengths of each of these approaches while understanding the differences. You can also click here to access a pre-publication draft of the article.

Francom, G., Gardner, J. (2013). How task-centered learning differs from problem-based learning: Epistemologies, influences, goals, and prescriptions. Educational Technology Magazine, 53(3), pp. 33-38.
This article is a really good introduction to these influential theories and should be useful to instructional design students learning about the many approaches to instructional design. It can also be used in an introductory course for that same purpose. Thanks to Dr. Greg Francom for inviting me to assist in the writing of this article - he is an excellent scholar, a good writer, and a good friend.

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