Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Use Your Thoughts to Produce Personal Power

I have thought a lot lately about the importance of our thoughts and beliefs about life. I have come to the conclusion that what we think and believe has a direct influence on our success and happiness in life. What we think and believe directly influences how we act, and our actions produce the outcomes and results we experience in life. However, becoming aware of and changing thoughts can be extremely difficult, and many people aren't even aware of their own thought patterns. In addition, negativity and hopelessness is prevalent in our society and limits the happiness and success of many people. In this post I will describe the kinds of thoughts that produce personal empowerment and success and give suggestions on how to create personal power through your own thoughts.

Empowering Thoughts
To produce personal power, our thoughts must have two characteristics: They must be positive and the must be true.
The Power of True Thoughts
As you can see in the continuum image above, thoughts can be false or true. And thoughts that are true provide personal power. Knowledge produces power. When you increase your knowledge and understanding of what reality actually is, you increase your personal power because a thought is true if it is based on evidence. The more knowledge and truth you can gain, the greater your personal power. If your thoughts and beliefs do not align with the natural laws and principles with which the world functions, then they will not produce positive results. For example, you can think all day that you can fly, and you can even believe that you can fly. But natural laws seem to indicate that you cannot. But if you attempt to act on that belief, you will likely end up very scraped up or very dead. In the same way, we must be sure that our thoughts and beliefs are based on the best evidence we can find.

The Power of Positive Thoughts
 To produce personal power, our thoughts and beliefs must include a level of hope or faith that we can help bring about positive outcomes. A thought is positive if it constructively affirms your strengths and abilities and produces effective or meaningful activity. For example, you can think the thought "I am not a millionaire" and have any number of reactions to that true thought (assuming that you currently are not a millionaire). Your attitude might include the following thoughts and feelings: All of my high school buddies are millionaires, therefore I am a loser (negative). Millionaires are all dishonest or greedy, therefore they are losers and I am much more righteous than they (negative). I am happy with my life and am fine with not being a millionaire (positive). I am going to start an incredible business and become a millionaire in 7 years (positive).
All of these attitudes come to a conclusion about how you relate to the thought and therefore produce a feeling or attitude. If you want your thoughts and beliefs to give you a sense of empowerment, then you must ensure that they are positive and constructive, affirming your own true talents and strengths.

Producing Empowering Thoughts
So, what can you do to increase the power of your thoughts? You must consciously work to produce thoughts and beliefs that are positive and true. If you can deliberately apply yourself to move your thoughts in this positive direction, you will be astonished at the power and happiness it will produce in your own personal life.

Based on my experience, I recommend the following strategies:
  1. Become self-aware. To improve your thoughts, you become aware of and monitor your own thoughts. This means you have to learn to think about what you are thinking your thinking, which can sometimes be very hard work. Ask yourself questions like these: What am I thinking about right now? Is what I am thinking true? Is it based on reality? Is what I am thinking negative? Does this thought hurt myself or others? Is my attitude about this thing giving me a sense of strength or empowerment?
  2. Flood your mind with the positive. We live in a world with many negative messages, and you must therefore do everything you can to fill your mind with the good, pure, motivating messages. This might mean a change in some of your habits, but train yourself to read uplifting books, watch empowering documentaries and movies, and listen to motivating, empowering audio books and music. At the same time, eliminate negativity by cutting out mindless television, negative music, and negative people from your life.
  3. Learn. Gain knowledge that is true. Do everything you can to gain more and more knowledge and abilities. Go to school and gain relevant, empowering knowledge. Read books, watch videos, and visit websites that impart knowledge about the world. Infuse your mind with knowledge so that you have a sound foundation to build on.
  4. Seek Spiritual Truth. The most fundamental truths, in my opinion, are spiritual in nature. A positive relationship with yourself is founded upon a positive relationship with God. I have found that when I seek and "drink" from religious texts and teachings, my view of myself and life is heightened and refined. I personally draw great spiritual knowledge, perspective, and strength from reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon.
  5. Travel. If you can, travel to new areas of your city, state, or country. Travel internationally, whenever possible. Learn about different cultures and people. When travel is not an option, go to museums and libraries. Do what you can to expand your view of the world and develop your understanding of what truth and reality is.
Do what it takes to increase your knowledge and improve your attitude. My experience has been that a consistent effort will yield excellent results. And consistently increasing knowledge through study and experience will slowly and surely build your capacity to achieve success and happiness. So, how will you improve your thoughts this week?

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