Thursday, April 24, 2014

7 Ways to Totally Screw Up Your Career

Over the past several years, I have interacted with a lot of professionals in a variety of settings and circumstances. And one thing I have noticed is that there are several key ways that a person can totally screw up their career. I must admit that I have not avoided making some of these mistakes, and I thought it worth sharing the top 7 Ways to Totally Screw Up Your Career.
  1. Go Where the Wind Takes You - To screw up your career, be sure to have no goals. Allow people and circumstances to direct you and your life.  
  2. Get Distracted - To really mess things up, pay attention to and spend time on what doesn't really matter to you. 
  3. Give Up Quickly - Make sure that you do not try hard. If you meet any initial resistance, just fold under the pressure. It's not worth trying!  
  4. Be Negative - If you really want to fail, be extra negative. This negative energy will disrupt your happiness, your relationships, and your ability to succeed. 
  5. Gossip - If you want to work in a horrible environment, speak poorly about everyone around you. This will undermine trust and eliminate opportunities for growth.   
  6. Stop Learning - To stunt your growth, be sure that you don't learn anything new. Hold tightly to your current limited perspective and close your mind to new ideas. 
  7. Jump to Conclusions - Don't gather information, think, or reflect about your actions. Just react and jump to conclusions quickly so that you don't have to feel uncomfortable.

7 Ways to Increase Your Career Success
Of course, the opposite of these are the 7 ways to increase your career success. I've placed these below. In my experience, there is a constant battle between these two sides. We all know that living with purpose and being positive are good attributes, but there seems to be a constant pull toward the negative opposite. If we truly wish to enjoy success, we must be willing to work toward and build upon our own positive attributes.

To Screw Up Your Career
To Improve your Career Success
1. Go Where the Wind Takes You.

1. Live with Purpose! Find and live your own mission and purpose in life. 

2. Get Distracted.

2. Focus on Fulfilling Your Purpose! Focus your thoughts, actions, and intentions on fulfilling your purpose.

3. Give Up Quickly.

3. Keep Moving Forward! No matter the obstacle, just keep moving toward your goal and you will reach it.

4. Be Negative.

4. Be Positive! Fill your mind with the positive and expect good results in your life. Have hope that good will come!

5. Gossip.

5. Respect Others! In every career, relationships are key. Be sure to show respect and kindness to everyone.

6. Stop Learning.

6. Always Learn!  In the knowledge society, you must continually grow and learn to compete and remain effective.

7. Jump to Conclusions.

7. Think with Data! Gather data on how to act, think critically and move forward on the best possible path.

Other Ways to Screw a Career Up
I would be interested in reading other ideas of how to screw up a career. These are based on my own limited experience working with others, and I am certain there are plenty of other ways to screw up...

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