Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Sabbatical Adventures

I was looking back through some of our photos from our sabbatical trip to Utah and realized that I hadn't share a few of the great experiences we had. I will share these below.

Yellowstone National Park
We traveled with our good friends the Dutsons to Yellowstone National Park and spent several days with them there. The Dutsons have a pop-up trailer, which makes camping much more enjoyable. We stayed at Buffalo River Camp (I believe) about 40 minutes from the west entrance to Yellowstone. 
The Dutsons and the Gardners at Yellowstone National Park.

Omar and CK looking at one of the many weird anomalies at Yellowstone.

Here I am at a pretty awesome waterfall in Yellowstone. The scenery was quite incredible.
Yellowstone was a great experience. We saw some elk and swam in one of the few swimming holes in Yellowstone. We saw the Old Faithful geyser and generally enjoyed the incredible beauty of the various mountains, waterfalls, rivers, foliage and wildlife. A great experience with great friends.

Hiking near Alta, Utah
A few weeks later we drove up the canyons east of Salt Lake City to the town of Alta, where there a several world-class ski resorts. We decided to hike to Cecret Lake, a pretty little lake high in the mountains. Here are some pictures of the hike and the beautiful scenery. (For whatever reason, I didn't take a picture of the lake itself...)

CK hiking toward Cecret Lake.
Me at Cecret Lake looking across the canyon.

Hiking with Dr. Nick Eastmond
One highlight of my time in Utah was a hike with Nick Eastmond, one of my former professors and dissertation committee member at Utah State University. Nick and I attended the same church congregation when I was there, and I have a great deal of respect and admiration for him. He is one of the people who inspired me to earn a PhD and to become a professor. I enjoyed drawing from his knowledge of nature as we walked, and he shared some of his many international experiences, which were illuminating.

A picture from the hike in Cache Valley with Dr. Nick Eastmond and my brother-in-law, Chris Walker.

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