Friday, November 14, 2014

I Am Now a Certified Performance Technologist!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I recently applied to become a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT). This is a designation that is offered by the International Society for Performance Improvement. After several  weeks, I have received word from the reviewers and I am happy  to announce that I am now officially a CPT!

ISPI Standards
To qualify for the certification, an applicant must show that they have met each of the 10 ISPI Standards in multiple major projects. In addition, independent attestation from the people I worked with on these projects is required and verified by reviewers.
  1. Results - Focus on results and help clients to focus on results.
  2. Systematic - Look at the problem or need from multiple perspectives and at multiple levels.
  3. Value - Always work to add value in everything you do.
  4. Partner - Work collaboratively with your client, experts, and stakeholders. 
  5. Need Analyze - Use systematic analysis to identify the gaps, needs, or opportunities. 
  6. Cause Analysis - Identify systematically the root causes of the problems and gaps you have identified. 
  7. Design - Systematically select and design solutions and solution sets that are based on the gap, need, or opportunity you have identified. Include design of implementation and evaluation plans. 
  8. Develop - Develop solutions that directly conform to the design and the analysis.
  9. Implementation - Implement the solution, ensuring that it directly addresses the needs and gaps identified. 
  10. Evaluate - Evaluate the effectiveness of your solutions and plan to revise your approach as needed. 
Future Plans
I am excited to have earned this important certification, and I plan to use what I have learned in the future. I plan to continue my work in higher education, and I have found that these principles can be effectively applied to my work as program chair of the IDPT program at Franklin University. The principles have helped me to be much more effective in my work. I have also done some consulting work and teaching work with other universities and organizations, and I plan to continue to consult as opportunities arise. I once again express my gratitude for the opportunity to apply for this certification, and I am particularly grateful to the leadership at Franklin University for supporting me in applying for and earning this certification. Franklin has been an excellent employer, and I have grown through the kindness, mentoring, and support I have received at the university.

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