Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Upcoming Presentation on Self-Leadership on July 9 at Franklin University

I thought it would be worthwhile to advertise my upcoming presentation for the Franklin University Hall Leadership Series at 7:30 am on July 9. I will be speaking on self-leadership. The official presentation description is below - I hope to see you there!

Creating Personal Change through Self-Leadership

How to get unstuck and start living with purpose and clarity

7:30 AM, July 9, 2015 at Franklin University
Ross Auditorium, Alumni Hall
301 East Rich Street
Columbus, OH 43215


You must lead yourself before you can lead others, and you can only lead others to where you have been. Unfortunately, many leadership theories and philosophies focus only on how to lead others but neglect the critical aspect of leading yourself with integrity and purpose.
In this presentation, Dr. Gardner will share
  • The latest research-based strategies for self-leadership.
  • Strategies for leading yourself in our complex, competitive society.
  • How to create personal change and begin moving toward your goals.

You will come away with specific approaches for moving forward in your career and life with clarity, motivation, and confidence.

About Dr. Gardner

An award-winning teacher, Dr. Gardner has taught and leads graduate students in Franklin’s Master of Instructional Design and Performance Technology. His professional mission is to discover and share knowledge that inspires, empowers, and equips others to succeed in their careers and lives. Dr. Gardner blogs about learning, success, and self-leadership in his Reflections on Learning Success blog at

Twitter: @joelgardner

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