Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 3 AECT 2012: Part 2 - Invisible Forces That Influence Instructional Design

This post is part of a Multiple Part Series on the 2012 AECT Convention.
#AECT 2012
This afternoon I did a poster presentation, along with some of my colleagues at Franklin University, on the invisible forces that seem to influence and affect instructional design.

 Dr. Eunice Luyegu and me (Dr. Joel Gardner)

In our poster, we assert that there are three types of tools that instructional designers use: (1) Technologies or physical tools, (2) Processes or how to build the instruction, and (3) Theory or what the instruction should be like. Here is the image we used to demonstrate this:

We also noted that there are many forces that influence our design work. We developed 6 categories for these influence types, based on a review of several models. The image below shares these.

We present this idea as a way to really think about design in a different way. We tend to think about our own special little processes and tools in instructional design, however there are so many things that influence our work, and we need to be sure we align what we do with all of those influences.

We had a lot of interesting feedback and ideas, including a suggestion to develop the concepts into a book of some kind, which could be a lot of fun.

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