Monday, February 11, 2013

Summary of 2013 Academic Chairpersons Conference

Over the last week, I have been attending the 2013 Academic Chairpersons Conference in San Antonio, Texas. It has been an outstanding experience, and I appreciate that my Dean at Franklin University has supported me in attending the conference.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I usually attend conferences related to instructional design and technology, so the academic administration focus was an entirely new perspective for me. I found it refreshing to meet enthusiastic people from all over the United States who struggled with similar problems and issues. I learned a great deal by simply listening to them describe their situations, and it gave me a broader perspective on my own university and helped me gain clarity on where I want to go in my career as an educator. A great experience.

Below I link to the posts describing my leading up to and at the conference.

Before the Conference
At the Conference

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