Saturday, July 25, 2015

What Happens When a Server Drops a Tray?

Have you ever been in a restaurant when a server drops a tray of dishes crashing to the floor? I was recently at a conference in the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana, and that very thing happened. Everyone turned to stare, but what happened next was both interesting and inspiring.
Hyatt Regency servers rushed to aid their coworker.
Within 10 seconds of the crashing sound, three other servers members surrounded the mess and began cleaning while the supervisor checked with the server to see that she was okay. Soon thereafter, the supervisor rushed to the closet to retrieve a mop. And within a couple of minutes, the mess was cleaned and the team continued their excellent service to the guests.

Compassion, Service, and Teamwork 
I believe this brief example of teamwork is worth applying to other situations. For example, would this happen where you work? If one of your team members "dropped their tray" would you run to their aid? As the manager and leader, would you run to retrieve the mop, or send someone else? When a member of your family, team or community falters, do you ignore the problem or watch them struggle? Or do you rush to their aid and help them move forward? How would that employee feel after receiving such compassionate service from their peers?

I believe this kind of compassion, service, and kindness should be replicated in every organization. Good leaders and employees support one another. Good leaders and employees are collaborative and compassionate. And the result is that the work moves forward.

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