Friday, July 24, 2015

Leadership Development Program Resources

I recently completed the Leadership Development Program at Franklin University. Each month, we participants attended one of 10 excellent presentation by scholars and leaders here in Columbus, Ohio. It has been an excellent experience, and the presenters have been outstanding. Below I link to my notes from these presentations.

The resources below could be used as the beginning of any leadership development program. Each presentation includes general principles that can be applied to any leadership situation.
  1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Dr. Karen Miner-Romanoff
  2. Business Writing and Communication - Tom McClain
  3. Leadership Theories and Decision-Making - Dr. Timothy Reymann
  4. Communication and Relationships - Dr. Mike Posey
  5. The Power of Mindfulness - Daron Larson
  6. Ethical Leadership - Dr. Alex Heckman
  7. Leadership Begins with the Heart - Dr. Jim Mahoney
  8. Practical Leadership Advice - E. J. Thomas
  9. Self-Awareness and Creating Your Personal Brand - Dr. Lynn Hull and Robert Coles
  10. Planning - Rick Sunderman
Other Leadership Thoughts
Below are some other leadership thoughts that I have noted over the past few years.
Reflections on Leadership Though Development 
As I reflect on the experience over the past year, these presentations and ideas were very influential the development of my own leadership thoughts. Along with these presentations, I also read perhaps two dozen books on leadership-related topics, and I have extended my own philosophy and awareness of my own leadership style. I am very grateful to have participated in this program and look forward to continually developing my knowledge and understanding of leadership concepts.

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