Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Bond Place Hotel

This post is part of a multiple part Series on the 2012 Performance Improvement Conference.

Well, I just arrived at the Bond Place Hotel in Toronto, Canada. It's not the official conference hotel, but I am pretty close, exactly 1 kilometer from the Sheraton Centre Hotel. I think I am pretty close to Lake Ontario, probably within a mile walk. I'll have to go walk down to check it out. Here is a map of where I am, including walking instructions to the conference hotel:

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This hotel is really pretty groovy - the decor is pretty modern-looking, and there is a nice view of a part of downtown Toronto. Here are some pictures of my hotel room:

I better get to bed. I'll be getting up early tomorrow for the first day of Principles and Practices of HPT workshop. I'm excited to see what I learn. (Oh, by the way, none of my flight worries actually happened. My bag was not stolen, I did not get queasy from flying, and I didn't sit next to the "stink guy." Just thought I would let you know...)

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