Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The 2012 ISPI Conference - Ideas and Experiences

As you may have read in my earlier posts, I recently attended the ISPI Performance Improvement Conference in Toronto, Canada. I had an outstanding experience and blogged some of what I learned throughout the week. If you missed the conference, these links share my experiences.

Before the Conference
Here are a few posts before the conference and during the trip to Canada.
Principles and Practices of HPT Workshop
In Toronto, I first attended the Principles and Practices of HPT Workshop, which was outstanding. My notes and thoughts from this workshop:
While I was at the conference, I had a few minutes to talk with my brother about some of the things I had learned and describe some of the basic concepts of the field of Human Performance Technology.
ISPI Performance Improvement Conference
After the workshop, I attended the ISPI Performance Improvement Conference. The ideas and the knowledge presented were astonishingly powerful. Here are my reactions from the conference.

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